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The Church of Saint Ann

"The Little Church That Could...and DID"

Together in Christ Collaborative of
Saint Ann and Saint John the Evangelist

West Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Parish Office: 508-586-4880

A Parish of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston

The Church of Saint Ann

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My Dear Friends in Christ,

These are an uncertain times and, if you’re like me, we look for reassurance during such moments. One of the ways my mother used to reassure my siblings and me was to read to us. They were always entertaining, and had a message for us that gave comfort to us. In that same vein, I will be offerIng "Story Time with Fr. Paul and Nellie". From the warm confines of my chapel, Nellie and I will be reading (well, I'll be reading...she'll be there for emotional support for us all!) from various books that I hope will be of comfort and reassurance. I will be doing this by way of Facebook Live, and I invite you to join me.

So, after "online school" has let out and supper has been served, please join me (by way of Facebook Live) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. for "Storytime With Fr. Paul and Nellie". I pray that this will give comfort and support to all, young and young-at-heart!

Fr. Paul

"It Will Be OK"

"Where Is God"

"You're A Crab"

"God Gave Us Easter"

"God Made You"

"When God Made Light"

"Good People Everywhere"


"I've Loved You Since Forever"

"And the Peepers Peep On"

"The Dot"

"In My Heart"

"God Gave Us The Bible"


"Good Good Father"

"It Will Be OK"

"After The Fall"

"God Gave Us The Bible"

"Oh The Places You'll Go"

"Make Way For Ducklings"

"You're All My Favorites"

"God Gave Us Heaven"

"In My Heart"

"God Gave Us The Bible"


"Guess How Much I Love You"

"Good Good Father"

"The World Awake"

"God Gave Us The Bible"

"You Are Extraordinay"

"Gracies Garden"

"Don't Forget To Remember"

"Our Father In Heaven"

"Why God"

"Only You Can Be You"

"A Very Big Problem"

"Who Is Your Neighbor"

"The Day The Crayons Quit"

"And The Peepers Peep On"

"It Will Be OK"
" While We Can't Hug"

"Our Lady's Wardrobe"

"The Story of Saint John Paul II - The Boy Who Became Pope"

"How Piper Steals The Show"

"Our Guardian Angels"

"Saint Francis of Assisi"

"How To Do The Right Thing"

"The Works Of Mercy"

"GoodNight Moom"

"God Speaks In Whispers"

"How Jesus Blesses The Children"

"The Bread and The Wine"

"The Runaway Bunny"

"The Most"

"Five Minute Bedtime Bible Stories"

"The Queen and The Cross"

"Brother Lorenzo's Pretzels"

"God Found Us You"

"Before I Sleep I Say Thank You"

"God Gave Us Angels"

"Mary Stories from The Bible"

"Our Lady Guadalupe"

"The Gift of A Snowflake"

"Angel Stories from The Bible"

"Saint Francis and The Christmas Miracle"

"The Night Before Christmas"

"Joseph, the Guardian of The Holy Family"

"A Very Noisy Stable"

"Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light"

"Jesus Stories from The Bible"

"Five Minute Bedtime Bible Stories"

"The Gift of A Snow Flake"

"The Legend of the First Valentine"

"Staircase for The Sisters"

"A Party To Remember"

“The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be”

"God Gave Us Prayer"

"Patrick and The Fire"

"Joseph Guardian of The Holy Family

"Riding on A Donkey"

"Angel Stories From The Bible"